The Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Written by Andrea Butler

Andrea manages all social media and content for Centrd Life. She is also a freelance content specialist & writer, and holds an MA in Political Communications. Originally from New York, she is currently enjoying life on the other side of the Atlantic.

18 Oct, 2020

With the changing of the seasons, it only feels natural to change how we eat as well.  Colder temperatures mean our bodies start to crave heartier, warmer meals.  This shift to heavier food can be challenging for some people.  We often associate these heavier foods with negative emotions, believing that consuming the additional calories is a sign of weakness.  However, it is anything but, and more than anything, it is a sign of the strength of our bodies and their abilities to adapt. We should celebrate this strength, and revel in the opportunity for new, delicious meals.

In particular, eating seasonal produce can be a real source of joy.  When we think of seasonal produce, fresh summer berries and melons usually spring to mind.  However, autumn is another great opportunity to liven up our plates. Eating seasonally is not only an excellent way to ensure a varied, nutrient-dense diet, it is also the most ethical and sustainable way to eat.  By eating local, seasonal products, we aren’t contributing to the cost of shipping foods across continents, or growing them in artificial climates.  Eating locally and seasonally is also the best way to support local farmers, putting money back into the hands of small business owners, rather than massive food conglomerates.

The no-brainer place to start with seasonal autumn food? Apples! Even if you’re unable to go to a local orchard and pick some yourself, apples are versatile, packed with nutrients, and the perfect way to liven up your baking.  Classic vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and onions are also in season, so even if you eat these year-round, they’ll be extra tasty this time of year. If you are unsure of how to make the most of your seasonal eating, heading to your local farmer’s market and asking the experts is a great way to discover produce you may not have considered before, and to get some recipe ideas straight from the experts, too.  

As a modern society, we are quite removed from the growing and harvesting process of the food we eat.  By making a conscious effort to eat seasonally, we reap not only the nutritional benefits, but the spiritual ones as well.  Eating seasonally allows us to further connect with nature, something all our souls can benefit from.

Andrea xx


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