School of Emotions

We want to help you re-establish contact with your body’s wisdom.

That innate intelligence that was once available to you as a child,
Before you tried becoming somebody else just to fit in.

And we’re certain that you already have all the tools you’ll need available to you…

Why emotions?

Human beings are emotional, there is no way around it. (Unless you disassociate, which I don’t recommend as you cannot numb emotions selectively).
Emotions affect every aspect of our lives: our relationships, our moods, and even our decision-making.
We may not be aware how much past, unprocessed emotions influence our present behaviour.

How can we make long lasting changes?

By developing better emotional intelligence through embodiment, we can make changes that go beyond intellectual understanding, that integrate our emotions and settle in the body. This starts with trusting what is felt, becoming aware of all sensations and emotions that flow through us. There is an innate wisdom in our body, but the only way we can access that wisdom is by being in and fully feeling the body.

Why embodiment?

 Speaking about difficult or traumatic events with family and a therapist may help our mind to deal with things, but the body does not forget.
When emotions get suppressed or held in our body, we develop patterns of contraction as protection, with time this turns into chronic tension.

Centrd Life Courses

Study At Home

Learn At Your
Own Pace

Indefinite Study
Material Access

At Centrd Life we offer affordable self-study courses that can be completed at home at your own pace.

You will have indefinite access to the material, so you can take your time and revisit as often as needed. As you go through the course, we encourage you to reach out with any questions.

Each course is designed to take you deeper into your emotional world, helping you cope with difficulties in the short term as well as developing personalised practices to improve your overall emotional health.

As we go through this journey together, we help you strip away layers of habitual behaviour that helped you cope, to return to who you truly are underneath it, your authentic self.

From this place of authenticity, we can set boundaries without building walls, create better relationships with ourselves and others and even become better, compassionate leaders.

Out Of Your Head & Into Your Body
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