Nati’s Health takes you on a journey helping you find self-awareness, self-acceptance, love, and trust in your intuition by understanding your relationship to food.

One-to-One Health Coaching

We offer a unique methodology, using our combined experience in the wellness industry as a chef, nutritionist advisor, trainer and health coach. In our coaching practice, we use our signature system to help you get to the root of your emotional eating and to facilitate lasting behavioural change. By combining deep inner work with different modalities that work on a subconscious level, we will work directly with you to work through your emotional eating.

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Group Coaching

We regularly offer group coaching courses that serve as a great introduction to intuitive eating and can start you on your food freedom journey. 

We’ll be announcing our courses for 2021 soon.

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Nati has years of experience in wellness retreats both overseas and in the UK. She has been involved in organising week-long fitness retreats in the Mediterranean, wellbeing weekends with meditation in the UK and longer yoga retreats with breathwork and other healing modalities all over the world. She has worked with major retreat companies as well as individual teachers and practitioners and has an extensive network in the wellness industry. Nati can connect you with the right venue or teacher for your retreat.

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What are our values?


We are curious about ourselves, we want to learn more about our emotions and behaviors. We are curious about the person we can become, and the journey that takes us there.


We show compassion towards ourselves and others.

We coach from a place of non-judgment and love.


 We support each other unconditionally, and help each other cultivate what we need to grow. We support ourselves so that others can lean on us.


We recognise that no two journeys look exactly alike. We use language and methodology that are welcoming and accessible to everyone.


We understand that we have agency over our own lives, and we have to make changes to become who we want to be. We see the beauty in changes and embrace it, even if we are afraid.

Nati’s warmth & empathic personality reflected on her ability of facilitating a safe space where I could express my emotions and insecurities. She made me feel comfortable being vulnerable and encouraging me to be within myself, not only through this period but also afterwards.

Her understanding of my story with food and unhealthy habits has led me to overcome and discard behaviours and identities that no longer serve purpose in my life.

Nati reminded me that my body is my temple of wisdom and showed me how to tune in with my emotions. She gave me tools to correctly read and identify my body’s signals and encouraged me to be in the driver seat of my life.

Thanks to Nati’s guidance and practical coaching tools, I have managed to integrate them into my everyday life, seamlessly. Every week I saw results and rewards for my inner-work. Now, it is time continue my own self-discovery journey feeling confident of my ability and skills gained during the course.


When I first met Nati, I would say I was a fussy eater. I considered food to be a source of fuel and nothing more.

I had very simple go to meals, that I made regularly, basic protein, carbs and veg mix. The aim of my food game was to eat the minimum I could but still function.

After a five min conversation with Nati I realised that this was not healthy for my body or my mind. Since then I’ve had regular conversation with Nati about food and she has introduced me to a whole new palette of flavour, textures and smells.

This has changed my life for the better, not only do I now enjoy trying new food but I look forward to it.

Nati, is an amazing wellbeing coach. She listens intently and offers solutions that are for you and your wellbeing journey only. I could not recommend her enough. Nati, thank you for walking along side me on this journey.


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