Introspective Explorers:

Mapping Your Emotional Landscape

Group Coaching Program

Are you looking for:

A better way to manage your emotions and set boundaries?

A new method to improve your relationships? 

A fresh approach to healing your emotional wounds?


A supportive, motivating, and safe community?

A place to talk about your feelings without any judgement?

A person to hold you accountable on your self-growth journey?

If you said “yes” to any of these things, our new group coaching program is perfect for you.  

Introspective Exploration: The journey of looking inside ourselves for the answers we seek. 

Growing emotionally mature means that we overcome living how we think we are supposed to. It’s letting go of all the conditioning our parents have installed, figuring out what’s ours and building our own way of living. It’s creating your own set of values and taking responsibility for everything that comes with it.

In an ideal world, we’d all learn these traits in childhood, but sometimes, we have to figure things out on our own – and we can. 

Self-development and even having high emotional intelligence don’t automatically equate to emotional maturity. An emotionally mature person knows how they feel, and knows how and when to express their feelings. They also have well-developed empathy, which leads to positive relationships in all aspects of life. 

We’re Centrd Life and we’re experts in emotional maturity.  Our Group Coaching is done in tandem with our School of Emotions. Our neuroscience and psychology backed coursework will help you learn more about your emotions and reflect on them, too.  

As an Introspective Explorer, you will:

    Know your wants and needs, and how to communicate them

    Make better decisions in moments of stress

    Feel more comfortable setting boundaries

    Navigate conflict with more confidence and ease

    Experience more connection in your relationships


    With Centrd Life, you’re on your way to becoming the best you yet.

    The Details

    Our Introspective Explorers Group Coaching is a three-month program, beginning 23 May 2022. You’ll receive:

    Six 90-minute live group coaching sessions held on Zoom every other Monday

    Dedicated support pods with community members for accountability

    Our Emotional Maturity Course Bundle, backed by neuroscience, psychology, and proven embodiment practices

    Journal exercises before the course starts to help you get the most out of the experience

    Personalised support from Nati and the Centrd Life team

    Lifetime access to coaching recordings and workbooks

    All this is available at a total investment of £348.99.  

    Or three monthly payments of £119.99.

    “Nati, is an amazing wellbeing coach. She listens intently and offers solutions that are for you and your wellbeing journey only. I could not recommend her enough. Nati, thank you for walking along side me on this journey.”
    “I have returned to home, to my body. Nati reminded me that my body is my temple of wisdom and showed me how to tune in with my emotions. She gave me tools to correctly read and identify my body’s signals and encouraged me to be in the driver seat of my life.”

    What’s in the Emotional Maturity Bundle?

    Three School of Emotions courses make up the Emotional Maturity Bundle, forming the basis for our group coaching sessions:

    How Do You Really Feel?

    Emotions are signposts, but in order to understand them, we need to be able to identify them accurately. Learning how to name our emotions in a nuanced way, can help us take the right action.

    Balance & Stability

    Balance & Stability

    Learn simple nervous system regulation tools that help you build the capacity to stay with big emotions, not be hijacked by them. Once you know how to regulate, your relationships will improve as you show up as your adult self. 

    Own Your No

    Own Your No

    Resentment, anger and bitterness can all come from the inability of saying ‘No’. It’s something many people struggle with. Awareness is not enough, getting better at boundary setting requires a lot of practice with other people. 

    What is group coaching?

    Just like in sport, a coach helps you unlock your potential to be the best version of yourself. A coach brings expertise, knowledge, and motivation to support you to reach your goals. Group coaching allows you to have all this, along with the sense of community you get from being part of a team. If you’re looking for someone to guide, encourage, and inspire you — all while building connections with others — group coaching is for you.

    Centrd Life’s group coaching will guide you to your most fulfilled life.

    Meet your coach…

    I’m Nati, founder of Centrd Life, Certified Life & Health Coach, Trauma-Informed Embodiment Faciliator, Somatic Coach, and Member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

    Through embodied practices, I have learnt to identify and manage my emotions, to express myself authentically, and to deepen my relationships.

    I am passionate about sharing these experiences with others, and I want to offer people the tools to allow themselves and develop the capacity to feel all their emotions fully, so they can connect to each other more deeply. I believe that embodiment is the tool that can change our disconnected world: by becoming more embodied we are more connected to ourselves, to each other and to nature.

    I’m honoured you’d choose me as your coach, and I look forward to supporting you in your own journey to emotional maturity.

    With love and light,

    Nati xx

    “Thanks to Nati’s guidance and practical coaching tools, I have managed to integrate them into my everyday life, seamlessly. Every week I saw results and rewards for my inner-work. Now, it is time continue my own self-discovery journey feeling confident of my ability and skills gained during the course.”
    “Nati has a beautiful, pure way of listening to you without judgement. Her knowledge is deep and her observations have really helped me be more insightful, compassionate and less critical of my own actions. I can now gauge my patterns a lot quicker and make more conscious choices that are right for me at that time.” 
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