Balance & Stability

How To Regulate Your Emotions Without Avoiding Your Feelings

Learn why emotional regulation is challenging and gain the tools to balance your own nervous system.

Why is it important to learn how to regulate ourselves and our nervous system when it comes to emotions? By learning to manage our emotions, we avoid responding rashly to moments of stress, anger, or fear. Regulating our emotions allows us to be more in control of our decisions, and we can develop and maintain better relationships both personally and professionally.

When you are aware of our own triggers & emotional landscape, and you have the ability to manage your emotions and balance your nervous system, you become superhuman. 

This workbook outlines the reasons why it can be so difficult to regulate your emotions and provides you with practical tools and techniques to achieve that emotional regulation.

After completing this workbook, you’ll find it easier to manage your emotions in times of stress, and feel more at peace with yourself and in your relationships.


Emotional Regulation is an integral step to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Stress and other triggering scenarios are unavoidable, but regulating our emotions allows us to respond from a more informed place.

Study At Your Own Pace, Forever

This workbook has been designed to be completed in your own time. You can take things as fast or as slow as you like. You’ll also have indefinite access to the resources, so you can keep revisiting the toolkit, discovering more insights each time.

Feel A Deeper Connection with Yourself

Regulating your emotions can help you feel stable and at peace with yourself. When you can regulate your emotions, no challenge feels insurmountable – you know you can cope with anything.

Improve Your Relationships

When you can regulate your emotions, you can regulate your responses to others, too. This helps minimize conflict, improving your relationships and bringing more happiness to yourself and those you love.

You’re not alone.

Please remember that many people face these same issues.

There is nothing wrong with you if sometimes you feel carried away by your emotions and out of balance.

As you go through this workbook, the Centrd Life team are always at the end of an email ready to offer support and guidance if you need it,

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