How Do You Really Feel? 

How To Improve Emotional Literacy By Expanding Your Vocabulary

Improve your emotional intelligence and learn how to better name your emotions.

Without the skill of emotional literacy, emotions can be confusing and misleading, this includes your own emotions as well as others’.

Emotional literacy is not just the idea of talking about your feelings and emotions but it can also help you understand, make sense of how you feel, which in return can make it easier to just be with your emotions.

We need to be able to name and understand our emotions before we can even begin to express them. In this workbook, we’ll discover how to identify all those emotions, and in turn be able to better share them with others.

We will look at practical tools to develop better practices to reconnect with yourself and your emotions.

You will find it easier to understand your emotions (and the emotions of others’ too), and learn how to respond, instead of react, when faced with stress.


Emotional literacy is the first step to increasing emotional intelligence.

No matter how you feel at any given moment, your emotions are valid, normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. We’re here to give you the tools to help you make more sense of them.

Study At Your Own Pace, Forever

This self-study workbook has been designed to be completed a few days but you can take things as fast or as slow as you like. You’ll also have indefinite access to the resources, so you can keep redoing the work, discovering more each time to do it.

Develop a Deeper  Understanding Of Yourself

Naming and understanding your emotions are essential for your mental and emotional health. With emotional literacy, no emotion feels too big or or overwhelming, because you can identify it and know how to navigate it.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

If you have been out of touch with your emotions for a while you may not even know how to feel, let alone deal with them as they emerge. This is part of the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and this course will help you increase yours.

You’re not alone.

Please remember that many people face difficulties managing their emotions.

There is nothing wrong with you if sometimes you feel carried away by your emotions and out of balance.

As you go through this workbook, the Centrd Life team are always at the end of an email ready to offer support and guidance if you need it,

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