Emerging From Lockdown

Tools For Dealing With Social Anxiety

It can be daunting to start socialising again after months of isolation.

Even if you don’t generally suffer from social anxiety, you may experience difficulties as we start to “return to normal”.

These feelings of anxiety are completely natural, you’re definitely not the only one feeling them and you’re not alone.

Centrd Life is here to help you overcome fear with our Emerging From Lockdown Toolkit. 

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How can we make it easier for ourselves?

With embodiment practices, we develop skills in awareness, range and choice. As a result, we can face many challenges with ease and deep trust in ourselves. We make decisions from a calm, informed state, we become more curious and less judgmental, we have better relationships with others, and also with ourselves.

Somatic Practices

Somatic means related to the body. We have found that the body is the most direct way to impact a human being.

Anywhere, Anytime

You don’t need to close your eyes or lie down to use these tools, perfect to do on the tube or the back of an Uber.

Accessible To Everyone

No need to sign up to a course, buy a membership or join a fancy studio; these practical tools are completely free for everybody.

Overcome Your


By developing better embodied awareness and emotional literacy, we learn to self-regulate, co-regulate and become the captain of our ships. When we do this, we increase our ability to create a more wholesome, centred life.

Join The Conversation

Our founder Nati is hosting a monthly workshop where she will walk us through the simple tools and practices from toolkit, as well as discuss embodiment and emotions in general.

It’s absolutely free and we’d love to have you join us!

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