What’s Your Eating Relationship Type?

Our relationship to food is determined by many factors:

  • behavioural patterns we picked up as kids,
  • strict constructs that we had to follow for some reason (being an athlete, dancer etc),
  • our ability to manage uncomfortable emotions,
  • but also environmental factors, like the current global pandemic.

The following quiz has been designed to draw your attention to some parts of the relationship you have with food, as well as your eating and food shopping habits.

At Nati’s Health, we believe that gaining self-awareness can get you a step closer to self-acceptance, which is the starting point for any change. And of course quizzes are fun, we do them because we want to find out more about ourselves!

With your results, we will also send you relevant information on your eating relationship, so you can learn more about your current attitudes and how you can work with them to better understand how your emotions impact how you eat. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!  You can reach us at nati@natishealth.com

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