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We have a holistic approach to health with focus on emotional health, emotional granularity (identifying and expressing emotions), embodiment, embodied practices, somatic tools and nervous system regulation in general. 

Our intention is to open up a discussion around emotional health, to raise awareness around emotions, the bodily felt sense of emotions and show people a way to work with those in any situation.

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Our Signature Talks

Our Signature Talks

Do you have a group in your life you think would benefit from learning more about emotional health? Our founder, Nati Tarjanyi, is available to speak to your community.

We offer five signature talks to help you gain more insight into your emotions and feel at peace with your mind & body. Nati uses her expert knowledge and experience to tailor the discussion to your community, whether you’re a big business, yoga workshop, or a local women’s group.  

Have a read below to learn more about the talks we offer, and get in touch if you’d like us to come to speak to your community.  We’d love to hear from you!

What is Body Neutrality?–  The body positivity movement doesn’t work anymore. Forcing ourselves to love our bodies still puts too much emphasis on our appearance.  Body Neutrality, on the other hand, allows you to truly accept your body for what it is.  

“Rebellion is as much of a cage as obedience. They both mean living in reaction to someone else’s way instead of forging your own.”  

Why don’t diets work? – Obsessing about food is never healthy. Restrictive diets can lead to medical problems and feelings of self-hatred. There’s a way to nourish your body, feel happy in your skin, and be freed of diets once and for all–and we’ll help you learn it. 

How can radical self-acceptance improve our health? – Non-acceptance creates internal struggle–we are literally fighting ourselves. With radical self-acceptance, you can stop battling with your own mind. Once you accept yourself, then you can start making changes. Radical self-acceptance is a prerequisite to compassionately engage in a situation and being able to work with it.

How do our eating habits can change during stressful times? – Most of us have experienced changes to our eating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rather than beat ourselves up for it, though, we can learn why we eat differently under stress–and why it’s okay.

What is intuitive eating? – You are the expert of your body’s signals. You know when you’re hungry and when you’re full–so why listen to someone else’s advice on how to eat? We’ll teach you more about intuitive eating, and how to incorporate instinct, emotion, and knowledge to create a self-care eating framework.

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We know you don’t want to get bogged down in jargon and buzz words so we’ve put together a glossary of terms that are regularly used in ??? so you’ll know exactly what everyone’s talking about.

Download our Free Food Freedom Glossary to learn more about the terms used and how they can benefit you on your journey.

Or check out our FAQ’s for more details on our work.


Some of the modalities we recommend/work with: 


Inner Child work


Shadow work

Emotional release

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