Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing

Using Healthy Habits To Create Balance And Feel At Ease

Have you ever noticed that some days you seem able to cope with anything life throws at you,

but on other days, the simplest of tasks can feel overwhelming? 

You’re not the only one who feels like this sometimes and it’s not your fault.

It’s very common for biology to affect our mood, emotions and our decision making. With our Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing short course, we want to empower you to develop an awareness of your own foundations of emotional health. 

An understanding of our body’s signals is something that we are born with, but that gets lost as we grow up and try to fit into society and it’s expectations. We lose touch with ourselves, our needs and desires which can drive us to react to situations instead of responding from a place of integrity.  

We’ll be sharing some easy to implement tools to help you feel into your body (active interoception) and you will learn how to get the basics right (sleep, food, movement, sense of belonging) to make your life easier, help you develop more awareness, better emotional intelligence and generally a healthier lifestyle that enables you to be the best version of yourself.


Tune in to your body’s signals

Many times when we feel angry, sad, anxious or happy in a situation it has little to do with the external environment, and a lot to do with how we make sense of a feeling (bodily felt sense).

It is also true the other way around: You feel what your brain believes. You can try this by thinking of something upsetting then pay attention to how that thought makes you feel.

Study At Your Own Pace, Forever

This self-study workbook has been designed to be completed over a week but you can take things as fast or as slow as you like. You’ll also have indefinite access to the resources, so you can keep redoing the work, discovering more each time to do it.

Develop a More Loving  Relationship with Yourself

Get to know your limits and be able to identify when you need to take some time out, whether you’re actually struggling with a problem or whether it’s just that a lack of food or sleep etc, is making it hard for you to process the information in front of you.

Improve Your Emotional Literacy

By better understanding yourself, you also learn how to better understand others. When you treat yourself with compassion, you are more open to be compassionate to others. When you speak openly about how you feel, without judgement, you invite others to do the same.

You’re not alone.

Please remember that many people face these same issues.

There is nothing wrong with you if sometimes you feel carried away by your emotions and out of balance.

As you go through this workbook, the Centrd Life team are always at the end of an email ready to offer support and guidance if you need it,

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