We are a community and resource for all things related to emotional health and embodiment.  We are here to be a meaningful voice in the world of emotional health and to open up the conversation around how we feel. We are here to share our experiences and recommendations, and grow with you as we dive deeper into embodied practices to improve our relationship to ourselves and others


Emotional health can be thought of as an extension of mental health: it is the basis of our sense of wellbeing, how we feel in ourselves. It is our ability to cope with life events and how we acknowledge our emotions as well as others. It is the ability to experience our emotions fully without being overwhelmed or overpowered by them. It is NOT about feeling positive all the time and it is NOT about transcending our humanity by ignoring or dismissing our human emotions.


Knowledge can be acquired by studying, reading and thinking, but understanding is very much embodied and unique to all of us. The body offers the most direct access to knowledge about and awareness of our emotions, and gives us the quickest way to change our state/mood and behaviour. So many physical sensations in our body will drive our emotions and subsequent actions without our awareness. Have you ever felt irritable and then realised you were just hungry, or very sad, but realised you just need a good night’s rest? Being aware of that hunger and exhaustion is embodied awareness. Using this tool, we can become more aware of these sensations–good and bad–and can build the capacity to respond rather than react. Embodiment enriches our everyday lives, improves our mental health, and improves our relationships


At Centrd Life, we are passionate about spreading the word on the importance of embodied awareness, embodied learning and leadership. We aim to offer you practical tools to use in your everyday life to help you on a journey of becoming more integrated and authentic. Embodiment should be accessible and affordable to all and with that in mind we aim to create an open source community and support network. 



We are curious about ourselves, we want to learn more about our emotions and behaviors. We are curious about the person we can become, and the journey that takes us there.


We show compassion towards ourselves and others.

We coach from a place of non-judgment and love.


 We support each other unconditionally, and help each other cultivate what we need to grow. We support ourselves so that others can lean on us.


We recognise that no two journeys look exactly alike. We use language and methodology that are welcoming and accessible to everyone.


We understand that we have agency over our own lives, and we have to make changes to become who we want to be. We see the beauty in changes and embrace it, even if we are afraid.


Nati Tarjanyi, the founder of Centrd Life…

“Due to my cultural and family background (I grew up in Hungary, in Central-Eastern Europe), connecting to my feelings has always been a struggle (my sister would call us emotional Mowglis). Movement has always been my passion; it has helped me with my endless need to articulate without worrying about language barriers or being misunderstood.

I have tried conventional therapy, coaching, shamanic practices, spirituality, yoga, meditation, retreats, mindset change, and read many of the self-development books out there, but nothing gave me the breakthrough I thought I needed until I started learning about embodiment. Through embodied practices, I have learnt to identify and manage my emotions, to express myself authentically and to deepen my relationships.

I am passionate about sharing these experiences with others: I want to offer people the tools to allow themselves and develop the capacity to feel all their emotions fully so they can connect to each other more deeply. I believe that embodiment is the tool that can change our disconnected world: by becoming more embodied we are more connected to ourselves, to each other and to nature.”

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