“Knowledge is only a rumour until it is in the muscle”

– Proverb from Papua New Guinea

Have you tried coaching, therapy, annual retreats, regular yoga classes, and even meditation, but somehow the calm escapes you once your session, class or retreat is over? Do you want to have more awareness and choice when it comes to your emotions and behaviour? Do you want to be able to set boundaries but not walls, create deeper, meaningful relationships and feel all your emotions fully without allowing them to take over your actions? Embodiment can be your answer. 

Using embodiment, we can build self-awareness. By learning to self-regulate and co-regulate, we become the captain of our ships. We will have no need to deny, avoid, or suppress certain emotions just because they are uncomfortable, or even painful. We can face many challenges with ease and deep trust in ourselves. We get better at our relationships, we make decisions from a calm, informed state, we get more curious and less judgmental when it comes to our own or others’ behaviour. 

Our aim is to give you simple, every day somatic tools to help you develop deeper embodied awareness, emotional literacy (we can give you vocabulary to identify and name bodily felt senses related to your emotions) and the option to change your state or mood.


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